The Titusville Amateur Radio Club

Brevard County, Florida, USA

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Post Office Box 73

Titusville,   FL
USA   32781-0073

A Disaster Preparedness Organization

as defined by FEMA

The Titusville amateur Radio Club

is affiliated with

Amateur Radio Emergency Service ARES

The City of Titusville Emergency Management


Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service RACES

Brevard Emergency Amateur Radio Service BEARS


Brevard County Emergency Management

🌀  Hurricane Season Starts June 1

🌦️ 🌀 National Hurricane Center Home Page

National Hurricane Center Twitter Page

🌀  Hurricane Season Ends November 30

Eating Meeting Thursday 5 PM

Beef O'Brady's

2825 Garden St.

Corner of Garden and Singleton


Club meeting location is

19 N Washington Av.

US 1 North bound

Enter off of Garden St.

Club Meeting November 26 2019

Christmas Party Date and Time TBD

Club Meeting Janurary 28 2020

Club Meeting Feburary 25 2020

Club Meeting March 24 2020

Club Meeting April 28 2020

Club Meeting May 26 2020

Club Meeting June 23 2020

Club Meeting July 28 2020

Club Meeting August 25 2020

Club Meeting September 22 2020

Pot Luck Dinner October 27 2020

FREE Tailgate March 28, 2020

see directions below.

Gate opens at 7 AM.

Enjoy Field Day

Upcomming Hamfests

Club Repeaters

146.910 MHz Tone 107.2

146.970 MHz Tone 107.2

146.775 MHz Tone 100.0

Featured Repeaters

224.120 MHz Tone 107.2 Hz.

444.675 MHz Color Code 3

The Titusville and Cocoa DMR Repeaters

are linked on Talk Group 316274

(What is a Tone or CTCSS)


Practice Exams
Orlando Hamfest Testing Link

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WX (Weather) Links

Skywarn Logo

Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 of each year.

GOES Satellite Photo
Melbourne Doppler Weather Radar
Titusville Weather Forcast
Hurricane Names

Club Meetings:

4th Tuesday of each month at 1900 local time.
Monthly meetings held 7pm-9pm on the 4th Tuesday
of each month at the Titusville Masonic Lodge.

Meeting Address:
Titusville Masonic Lodge
19 N Washington Ave (Click address for map)
Titusville, FL 32796

American Radio Relay League
    FEMA courses, ICS Course List
    Marked Courses are requested by Served Agencies. There is no cost to take them.
  • IS-100.b, Introduction to the Incident Command System
  • IS-200.b, ICS for Single Recources and Initial Action Incidents
  • IS-250, Emergency Support Function 15 External Affairs: A new Approach to Emergency Communications and Information Distribution
  • IS-288, Role of Voluntary Agencies in Emergency Management
  • IS-700a, National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction
  • IS-800b, National Response Plan, An Introduction
  • IS-802, Emergency Support Functions Communications
    ARRL Emergency Communications Courses
  • EC-001 Introduction to Emergency Communications click on the '+' sign
  • The above course is a replacement for the previous 3 levels of coursework.
  • Make sure you complete the prerequisite courses required before beginning EC-100 (see FEMA training above)
    Postion Task Books (PTB), National Wildfire Coordinating Group
  • J-158, Radio operator (RADO)
  • J-257, Incident Communications Center Manager (INCM)

The FEMA courses are now required for hams responding to disasters outside their local community (and everyone should take ICS-100). They are Internet Correspondence Courses that can be taken at home, with on-line testing. They are free, and FEMA issues a Certificate that you can download and print following the successful completion of the exam.


Brevard County Background Check Form

Skywarn Net: 146.970 MHz
(Tone 107.2)
Tuesday, 19:00 Barry K4MNF
Low speed CW net 28.333 MCW
146.97 Voice talkback
Tuesday, 19:30 Jan W4REN
Mosquito Net: 28.333 MHz USBWednesday, 19:00 Tom KN4GLO
VIP Net: 146.970 MHz
(Tone 107.2)
Thursday, 19:00 Daniel (Danny) KM4WZX
Skywarn Net 146.970 MHz
(Tone 107.2)
Tuesday, 19:00 Barry K4MNF
Central Brevard
ATV Net:
146.940 MHzMonday, 19:00
Florida 2 Meter
SSB Net:
144.210 MHzMonday, 19:00 Roger WA4JWU
Central Brevard
147.135 MHzWednesday, 19:30
145.370 MHz
(156.3 tone)
Wednesday, 19:15
52.72 -500 KHz. 107.2 Analog Titusville Pending
145.130 -600 KHz. 107.2 Analog Vero Beach
145.350 -600 KHz. 103.5 Analog St. Cloud
145.370 -600 KHz. 156.7 Analog Cocoa
145.470 -600 KHz. 107.2 Analog Melbourne
145.490 -600 KHz. 100.0 Analog Titusville
146.610 -600 KHz. No Tone Analog Melbourne
146.775 -600 KHz. 100.0 Analog Titusville TARC
146.850 -600 KHz. 107.2 Analog Palm Bay
146.880 -600 KHz. 107.2 Analog Rockledge
146.895 -600 KHz. 107.2 Analog Palm Bay
146.910 -600 KHz. 107.2 Analog Titusville TARC Off the air for repair
146.940 -600 KHz. No Tone Analog Rockledge NASA Audio and Launch information
146.970 -600 KHz. 107.2 Analog Titusville TARC Battery Backup
147.075 +600KHz. 107.2 Analog Mims
147.135 +600 KHz. 107.2 Analog Rockledge County Central Tower
147.420 +600 KHZ. 123.0 Analog Deland
147.255 +600 KHz. 107.2 Analog Palm Bay
147.330 +600 KHz. 107.2 Analog Titusville
224.120 -1600 KHz. 123.0 Analog Cocoa
444.325 +5 MHz. 107.2 Analog Melbourne
444.375 +5 MHz. 107.2 Analog Sebastian SARNET
444.425 +5 MHz. 107.2 Analog Melbourne
444.525 +5 MHz. 103.5 Analog Rockledge County NBEMS
444.575 +5 MHz CC3 DMR Brandmeister Cocoa Linked to Titusville DMR
444.650 +5 MHz. 107.2 Analog Cocoa SARNET
444.675 +5 MHz CC3 DMR Brandmeister Titusville Linked to Cocoa DMR
444.875 +5 MHz. 107.2 Analog Merritt Island
444.925 +5 MHz. 131.8 Analog KSC

Club Repeaters are open to all licensed amateurs:

  • 146.910- MHz K4KSC
    Tone: 107.2 Hz.
    Output Power: 80 Watts
    Antenna approximately 100 ft above ground level at 6 dBd
    Location: S. Titusville
    Trustee- Jan Ferguson

  • 146.970- MHz K4KSC
    Tone: 107.2 Hz.
    Output Power: 80 Watts
    Antenna approximately 165 ft above ground level at 6 dBd
    Location: N. Titusville
    Trustee- Jan Ferguson

  • 146.775- MHz K4KSC
    Tone: 100.0 Hz.
    Output Power: 80 Watts
    Antenna approximately 105 ft above ground level at 6 dBd
    Location: Aurantia, FL (Hog Valley)
    Trustee- Jan Ferguson

  • 444.675- MHz K4DJN
    CC 3
    Output Power: 25 Watts
    Antenna approximately 165 ft above ground level at 9 dB South
    Location:N. Titusville
    Trustee- Chris Durso

2019 Officers:

  • President - Jan Ferguson W4REN
  • Vice President - Paul Fee N6YCC
  • Secretary - Sherry Ferguson KU4ZO
  • Treasurer - Sally Fuller KN4HPX
  • Directors - Lou Sperry W6LOU, Betty Sperry KK4BID, Dave McLean WB4SIG, Donald Spade N1DES, and Daniel Belcher KM4WZX

HamIt Up Logo

Commercial and Ham Radio Exams:

FCC Exams are held anytime convenient to both the applicant and the volunteer examiners.
For information on exams, and directions contact: Sherry Ferguson - KU4ZO at 321-543-8487.

You should probably study up or at least (for Ham Radio) take the (and perhaps more practice exams and even another) before then.

For Commercial Exams you might like to visit the following site. W5YI before testing.

Regular Club and Local Events:

  • Thursday Night "Eyeball QSO's" at local restaurants
  • Bamboo Garden Buiffet 3125 Columbia Blvd.
  • Mosquito Net Tailgate March 28 2020 Fox Lake Park
  • Amateur Radio Field Training Event June 22 & 23, 2019 Fox Lake Park
  • The public is welcome to all club events

Other information of interest to local hams:

Other radio clubs in the area:

Email comments to: TARC@TitusvilleARC.Org
or the Webmaster
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For more information contact

Jan Ferguson W4REN@AOL.COM

321-298-4693 Cell

Sherry Ferguson KU4ZO@CFL.RR.COM

321-543-8487 Cell